About us

Sydney Spray Pave is a well-established business based in the Sydney Metro. When we started back in 1998, concrete resurfacing or spray on paving, was new to the building industry. This gave us the opportunity to help pioneer the cement based polymer we know today. Given our tiling, paving and concreting background, it was a natural progression which eventually led to who we are today.

The city’s No.1 choice . . . SYDNEY SPRAY PAVE!

What we do

Sydney Spray Pave does one thing . . . transforms old concrete.

Whether it be a paver, stone or tile look you want, Sydney Spray Pave has a design for you. Badly cracked concrete can be replaced while minor cracks can be repaired using the latest methods to achieve lasting results. We are fully licenced and insured and every job comes with a minimum 7 Year Warranty with the option to extend. In 20 years, we’ve never had a colour concrete job we couldn’t do.

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Sydney Spray Pave has been at the forefront of the domestic market for years. We know the driveway to the family home is a great first impression to visitors and neighbours alike. It can take up to 50% of the total facade and can MAKE OR BREAK that look you want!

Sydney Spray Pave has added countless dollars to investors wishing to add value as well as achieving the look Homeowners have wanted for years. Our work on people’s homes has always been our top priority and our goal has always been the same . . . to make OLD concrete NEW again !


Commercial or Industrial jobs is where Sydney Spray Pave has proven itself over the competition. Our work programmes have been installed over hundreds of sites across NSW from Government facilities to small business operations, from sensitive environments like Disability Homes to high volume Hotel Lobbies, Sydney Spray Pave has a solution based on years of experience.

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